Live Online Music Instruction

All ages and all skill levels can enjoy live remote lessons with any one of our qualified teachers for any instrument. 

Online Music Lessons are perfect for those on the go or with ever changing schedules.

While watching YouTube videos can offer general help, they lack the ability to attend to your specific needs. Even in the online space our qualified teachers will design plans that work for you. We use an assortment of mediums. Skype, Apple FaceTime, Google Hangouts and Zoom to name a few.

Why Take Online Music Lessons with Gigo Music Lessons?

  We come to you over the internet, and adjust to YOUR schedule!

Save time from driving each week as your piano instructor comes right to your doorstep. Consider the time needed to travel to and from each piano lesson, it can add up! Enjoy time saved and gas expenditures while our instructors arrive promptly according to YOUR unique scheduling needs.

  Online Music Lessons in the comfort of your home

Experience learning music from the most comfortable place you know; your home! Most studios are small, have cramped spaces for lessons and are often noisy. Lessons in the home allow for comfort, and relaxation and create a much better environment for learning musical instruments. Parents of younger children have enjoyed this as it allows them to play a larger role in the learning process; we agree and encourage it!

  Music Lessons designed for you!

Pursue your personal musical interests to become the musician you always wanted to be. Our instructors will take the time to get to know you and will develop lessons that address your specific needs and musical interests. From beginners to advanced students, we have you covered!

  Professional and Passionate Music Instructors

At Monmouth County Music Lessons we aim to provide only the best instruction from the finest teachers. Not only are our teachers carefully selected before being considered for appointments, but all teachers must undergo criminal background checks. Our piano teachers pride themselves on professional ethics, consistency and maintaining a passionate approach to music education. Our teachers are active musicians too! Feel free to be supportive while drawing from all of the experience they offer.

  Our Fees for Music Instruction are Comparable to in-store lessons, yet brought to your home.